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Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.
- Lao Tzu

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Posted by MLSMan - July 30th, 2021

mass of mist graying air

beyond our reach, sunlight

wrestles through the ashen hills

rivulets of rays branching and winding

birds flying through streams

of howling wind

yet there is no lightning

no thunder lies therein

the cold breeze cradles droplets dipping

in the canopy’s embrace, an endless emerald garden given life by branches of trees

in soil embedded

fleeting petal rolling

stumbles across winds watering

roots embellishing crevices

sheltering ants from pouring

water leaves the air for the earth

gracing grass swaying to the sky’s

whispering melody

fleeting petal tiptoeing

each step, a ripple in the river

fingerprints on a mirror

reflecting the welkin’s cloudy gaze

stream gently caressed by rain

fleeting petal deep diving

the rain cupped in its hands

reposed to currents brushing past

anchored pebbles, orbs of moss creeping

along the riverside nestled in

entangled roots

fleeting petal reemerging

gently rowing, canoe in a forest

sea without waves

the sky empty, slender whites give way

to sun rays passing betwixt splayed

leaves bathing in light of day

painting the river, once gray, to azure

fleeting petal fading

mangrove’s end—the start of tides

bridled by the distant moon

the river runs to ocean’s bosom

waters waiting to take flight again

teased by sunlight shimmering

in deep dark blue


Posted by MLSMan - July 30th, 2021

deep, murky abyss

dripping water whispers through

blackness beckoning

Posted by MLSMan - July 30th, 2021

dark bejeweled night

silver orb in lavender

fleeting shooting star

Posted by MLSMan - July 30th, 2021

thinning branch quivers

falling leaf pirouetting

lost, fading to soil

Posted by MLSMan - July 30th, 2021

trickling then roaring

rumbling as light descends on

watery pavement

Posted by MLSMan - July 30th, 2021

doves soar through azure

through clouds, below shining rays

above a verdant sea

Posted by MLSMan - July 21st, 2021



the fields sway and dance

white clouds, dark blue, shining sun

yet lacking something.


grass now wilting

soil cracks, thirst unquenched

fleeting leaves and unending ravines

winds once graceful now cold

blowing away the sands


blazing sun setting

the empty dark fills cerulean,

cerulean bleeding, falling—

flooding, filling crevices

eroding the rocks in

creeks and streams roaring


i was there. under the rain.

obfuscated by the misty drops

a blinding streak lights the night

it floats down, forking, branching

its wrath, punctuated

by its cackle, earth trembling—

it strikes.

from white, then dark.


long after the squall

the waking light breathes color into blackness

i gaze upon the scarred ground

grass battered, drowned, crushed

the roots cling to soil upheaved

water drips down into

puddles, muddled, disheveled


i look:

the sun veiled by clouds that

paint the sky in gray

the meadow sways not, and

lies still, in silence.

nothing is lacking; nothing remains

of the field of green.